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1st annual Gobble de Loop….   Leave a comment

Today was our last workday before thanksgiving….

Mark, Chris and I set out… three middle aged… middle management types in the insurance industry… with families, kids, SUVs… Shrinking 401ks…

A perfect opportunity to see what we are made of.

The race was a single loop… 1.1 miles with a mile warm-up and a 2 mile cool-down.

Mark was to get a 1:30 head start… Chris :30.

After our warm-up… and a quick nature break… Mark is off… 1 Minute later… Chris left too… in the 30 seconds I jogged alone… trying to prepare my mind for the pain my body will soon endure.

I hit the start line in mid-stride and started running at a good, tempo, pace… after about 15 steps… I said out loud… “this is a race!” and hit the gas in earnest.

I could see Chris almost immediately. He was only 150 meters or so ahead…. I just tried to stay smooth. Just around the first corner I could plainly see them both. They both looked to be running slowly… I know that they both have long strides, however, so I didn’t get too confident.

My plan was to try to run with high turnover to get my speed for the first half, then stretch out my stride for the back straight. This plan did not work very well… I have not done this in training and it’s killing me by the end of the first quarter so I abandon the idea.

Just around the second turn I can see both Chris and Mark again… I focused on Chris…. He was closer. I felt myself slowing down a little… I tried to pick it up and little by little Chris (and Mark) started coming back to me.

As Mark reached the final turn I saw him put his hands on his hips… whether it was to stretch or catch his breath… it did not matter… I knew Chris and I would both catch him.

Chris is only about 4 steps in front of me at the final turn… that is the good news. He saw me… that was the bad news. Chris hit the gas…. We both passed Mark and he opened up another 4 step gap by the end.

I ran a 6:31 pace… 17 seconds better than last week… but… I still think I could have raced smarter. I was so afraid of Chris’ sprint that I was apprehensive about catching him in fear of him dropping me immediately after putting in all that effort.

Well… that, is the demon that I will wrestle with for the next week.

Can’t wait to do it again.


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More home improvement and a 10 miler…   Leave a comment

Most important item to tackle on Sunday… figure out what is wrong with the washing machine. After the bathroom issues on Friday… I took it slow and methodically… eventually the culprit was identified… a tiny sock for a 7 year old foot was lodged in the drain pump.

Kara and I left together and ran the first mile together. 11:15… then she ran 7 while I ran 9. I did a double of the big loop with a tiny (.3 mi) shortcut on loop 2 to avoid Tiger Hole Rd and the traffic there because it was getting dark and I didn’t want to get runded over.

Started out strong… and… easy… with 2 8:30s.. the next 6 were not as easy as I wanted them to be… ~8:55 pace… never really worked too hard…. But it was no Sunday stroll either…

Mile 10… where I should, if I calculated correctly, catch Kara again… As the mile begins she is nowhere in sight…. I sped up…. And checked all of the side streets… I where she *should* be… on one of the streets on the back part of our loop… Finally a half mile later I catch a glimpse of her… 300 meters ahead. I picked it up to about a 7:45 pace in an attempt to close the gap.

I finished about 50 meters behind her… a total of 10.25 miles.

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Sushi, sake, and a six miler….   Leave a comment

I had Friday off…

You know the saying… do something every day that scares you? Well I’d done that earlier… I removed the toilet in the kids bathroom fixed the flange and upt it back… and it worked!!!

So it’s 11 PM on Friday night… 42 degrees… I’m running through a dark neighborhood…

Don’t ask why…

Just suffice it to say… Running is a cheap form of therapy…

The evening had begun well enough… Sushi and sake with Kara, Masey and Missy…

I had decided on tights, an under armor and a long sleeve yellow shirt with lots of reflective stuff on it… I got a few funny looks in my silly outfit… big guy… tight shiny pants… bright yellow shirt…

I was cold from the first step to the last… I felt tight until the last mile… averaged somewhere in the 9:20 mpm range

I finished… and was in a much better place mentally because of it.

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Raceday Thursday   Leave a comment

Met up with Mark and Chris at lunch…. both of them are in the beginning stages of fitness build-up… We have been adjusting our race format accordingly for the past few weeks in order to make the race competitive. Today we definitely did better.

How I came in last:

We decided to run 2 miles the race one loop (1.1 miles) all out. Mark was to get 2 minutes and Chris was to get a minute. Nice talk getting caught up with each other for the first 2 miles.

Mark takes off… Chris and I jog for a minute… then Chris is gone.

After another minute I take off… Just concentrated on running with good form and with quick feet.

I cover the first quarter @ a 6:21 pace… I round the corner and I can see Chris and Mark ahead… Chris seems close… 100 meters or so. I think that I have him for sure… just a matter of time. Mark is almost at the next corner but… I gave him 2 minutes… so I think that I’m doing okay.

On the next straight away I see them both again. Mark seems closer but Chris is still ~100 meters ahead!?!?!?! I still think that I can get him… well I think that for about 10 steps…. then, as the final corner approaches… the grim reality sets in… I will be last. I still ran hard… clocked a 6:48 mile… But it just was not enough.

The cool down mile was all talk about mile splits… pace… and next time.

Can’t wait till next time….

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Midweek Mid-distnce   Leave a comment

I ran 10 today…. no warmup… no cool down… no stretching… intervals… nothing.

I simply walked out the door with a sketchy idea of running 10 and looking for new extensions for my work loop.

I found a great extension… a service road next to a spur line of railroad track. it’s about .5 miles long and turns my 3 mile loop into 4 quite nicely.

every mile was a sub 9. easy peasy for the most part… the last two miles were not super easy anymore but they we far from hard. Average pace 8:51.

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Chicken Wings and Goose Eggs   Leave a comment


I don’t know how my extra-long weekend got reduced to this… It’s almost 6PM… I have 50 minutes… I have waited until just before the chicken goes in the oven…. We are having chicken wings… I can’t enjoy chicken wings unless I have earned them…. So far this weekend I have earned nothing… Okay… so I did earn some applause for my karaoke rendition of “Just a Gigolo” Saturday night but I’ve got two solid goose eggs in my training log.

I stand at the end of my driveway somewhat irritated at myself. I wanted to do 15 today. No real reason I shouldn’t have.

I decide to run the complete loop. It’s ~5.6 miles. I don’t really do the math on how long it will take I just start running…. Okay not quite so fast. I start by jogging/walking/jogging for a minute or so while I dork around with my MP3 player. I finally decide that it’s only going to produce music for one ear…. Whatever….

I plan to warm-up for a mile ~9:30 or so… then run 8:30s.

My first glance at my Garmin shows a pace somewhat north of that due to dorking described above… I just start running…

Mile 1 ends up being a 9:09. It is not really easy or much of a warm-up… It is *running*

At the one mile mark I do, however, kick it into tempo pace. I don’t look at my pace much… just try to stay smooth. I know this route well. I hear the beep…. Mile 2: 8:06… I try not to think too much.

I have this idea that I should test myself and try to run a sub 8 for mile three… being the middle mile and all… so I pick up my pace just a touch… At this point I am in the familiar place now… in the zone so to speak… completely aware of my body and what it is saying to me… yet the world… on the outside is somewhat of a blur…. Mile 3: 7:52

Sixteen seconds… that’s the difference between miles 2 and 3… those 16 seconds get into my head… self doubt creeps in…. it does not help that this is the worst section of my route… along a fairly busy road… the legs feel heavy… I feel myself holding back… knowing that I have not just this mile… but another to run…. I check the pace often… not a good sign. Mile 3: 8:08

I’m not dead tho… and now I have but a mile to go. I have decided to use the final ~.5 mile to cool down… I don’t know what time it is but I know that I’ll be cutting it close with the wings…. 50 minutes… I just run… like it’s raceday… or mile repeats day… I don’t look at the pace… well..okay I steal a peek after 3 or 4 minutes… 7:20… self doubt jumps on my back… immediately… I feel like I can’t hold the pace… I fight through it but the damage is done… I push with all I can muster. Mile 5: 7:34

I run the last .6 with a heavy feet.. but a soul that is lighter by far…

Finish time: 46:48… I shower while the wings cool…..

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non running report   Leave a comment

Thursday night:

I ran a quick at like 9 PM….

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