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Raceday was fun last week… I hope that it is a launch point that leads us on another adventure of self discovery.

Although it was not a storybook race… we all laid it out on the line… and embraced our pain…

As if Thursday was not exhausting… I ended up running 6 more Thursday night with Kara.

Friday was spin class downtown…

Saturday – goose egg… zippo… and too much food

Sunday – I was amped… ready to go… Kara was going to do *at least* 10… which meant I might get in 14…

Well… she decided to do 8… I was determined to run at least 10. I ended up running the first mile with her.


Then tried to make up two miles on her in the next 8.

– The last 3 were tough. Those 2 8:30’s were a little much… they felt good but… HR spiked… breathing hard etc.

11:15 – caught her by running our loop backwards.
10:31 – .4 homes – I was cooked!


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