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today the discussion on the tri list was about weight and fitness.

I can’t say too much about that.

I am, however, learning about weight and speed.

I can give you 18 reasons why I am running as fast or faster this fall as I ever have before:

Reason #1 – focused, consistent training
Reasons 2-18 the 17 pounds I have lost since May.

It is absolutely amazing…. how easy running is… and I *still* carry 199# on my 5’10” frame…

Someone asked me today what I thought about running 7:30’s for a 1/2 marathon… I told him that I’m just 15# away…

Today was raceday… just me and Mark. Chris is nursing injury and sickness.

We decided to do 2 loops of racing. I gave mark 4 minutes.

I started out too fast… over redline by a ½ mile in… decided to hold it as close to that as possible and just see how long I could suffer.

When I saw 7:05 for the first mile I *immediately* slowed down… sometimes these gadgets can be demotivational. I caught myself and tried to get back into rhythm. Soon after I saw Mark ahead… I knew that I was going to catch him so I relaxed a bit and tried to push as hard as I could until the end of mile 2. 7:17 was not too bad considering… a good effort.

Enjoyed the cool down mile and nice chat.


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