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Met up with Mark and Chris at lunch…. both of them are in the beginning stages of fitness build-up… We have been adjusting our race format accordingly for the past few weeks in order to make the race competitive. Today we definitely did better.

How I came in last:

We decided to run 2 miles the race one loop (1.1 miles) all out. Mark was to get 2 minutes and Chris was to get a minute. Nice talk getting caught up with each other for the first 2 miles.

Mark takes off… Chris and I jog for a minute… then Chris is gone.

After another minute I take off… Just concentrated on running with good form and with quick feet.

I cover the first quarter @ a 6:21 pace… I round the corner and I can see Chris and Mark ahead… Chris seems close… 100 meters or so. I think that I have him for sure… just a matter of time. Mark is almost at the next corner but… I gave him 2 minutes… so I think that I’m doing okay.

On the next straight away I see them both again. Mark seems closer but Chris is still ~100 meters ahead!?!?!?! I still think that I can get him… well I think that for about 10 steps…. then, as the final corner approaches… the grim reality sets in… I will be last. I still ran hard… clocked a 6:48 mile… But it just was not enough.

The cool down mile was all talk about mile splits… pace… and next time.

Can’t wait till next time….


Posted November 20, 2008 by Judi Cowart in Uncategorized

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