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Most important item to tackle on Sunday… figure out what is wrong with the washing machine. After the bathroom issues on Friday… I took it slow and methodically… eventually the culprit was identified… a tiny sock for a 7 year old foot was lodged in the drain pump.

Kara and I left together and ran the first mile together. 11:15… then she ran 7 while I ran 9. I did a double of the big loop with a tiny (.3 mi) shortcut on loop 2 to avoid Tiger Hole Rd and the traffic there because it was getting dark and I didn’t want to get runded over.

Started out strong… and… easy… with 2 8:30s.. the next 6 were not as easy as I wanted them to be… ~8:55 pace… never really worked too hard…. But it was no Sunday stroll either…

Mile 10… where I should, if I calculated correctly, catch Kara again… As the mile begins she is nowhere in sight…. I sped up…. And checked all of the side streets… I where she *should* be… on one of the streets on the back part of our loop… Finally a half mile later I catch a glimpse of her… 300 meters ahead. I picked it up to about a 7:45 pace in an attempt to close the gap.

I finished about 50 meters behind her… a total of 10.25 miles.


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