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2008 in review   Leave a comment

By the numbers:
Swim: 255 minutes
Bike: 1936 miles
Run: 913 miles

PRs at 10k (49:10) 10 mi (1:23) and 1/2 Marathon (1:47)
Hardware 3x 1 Sprint du and 2x Sprint tri (in the old fat boy division
40+ clyde)

Questions from the tri list:

-What one word describes your 2008 season? Does it match what you said
last December in anticipation of this year?

Rebirth…. Last December I doubt I said anything… could have said

-What one word comes to mind when you think about your 2009 season?

Crescendo… my fitness and racing have gotten progressively better.

-Did you race any new distance this year or try any new type of racing
or sport?

I tried running while weighing less than 200# for the first time in a

-What was your greatest thrill or joy this year from training or racing?

Just that… racing… whether it was racing my buddies around the
office park… competing for hardware in the master’s Clydesdale
division at our local tri/du races or simply competing against myself
during the fall road races.

Watching my times improve linearly with my weight reduction was pretty
cool too.

-What was your biggest disappointment this year from training or racing?

Jax 1/2 marathon…. I wanted to end on a high note with another PR.

-What was your favorite race in 2008?

Beaches Fine Arts Sprint Triathlon

This picture:

and the fact that I came in 4th place in the 40+ Clydesdale division got
my competitive juices flowing again… and pointed out how fat I had


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ORN   Leave a comment

4 miles at lunch with 3 @ 7:45… was supposed to be 2x that

but… I’m old and I may need some energy to go Jukin’ later

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The loss of an old friend and training partner   Leave a comment

I never even got to say goodbye… We had been training together for years… always with me… no matter the pace or distance…. Never a complaint despite the weather, time of day, or my mood.

How careless… and how quickly a rear bumper can end a relationship… and it was all my fault…. In an instant… on Sunday morning

I left my trusty Garmin 201 on the rear bumper of my Suburban on Saturday. I’d taken it to the bike trails… it had never synched with the satellites in the hour or so I’d ridden so I left it there to synch and forgot about it.

Sunday morning I ran to the store for bread… and it flew off somewhere and is gone.

I am heartbroken.

I am an idiot.

RIP old friend

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RR – Jacksonville 1/2 marathon   Leave a comment

Short version: (There will not be a long version. )

I failed. I planned to run 13 sub 8 minute miles… and grin and gloat and float the .1 to the finish line.

I did not. I started fast… maybe too fast (7:38).. I held that pace through 5 miles. Wheels started falling off during mile 6. One bright spot… I ran my first sub 50min 10k… then I made a rather ugly fall back through the field. The last 3 miles were 10s… I just didn’t have it… I guess I overestimated myself and what I was capable of… I went to make a withdrawal from the First National Bank of Pain and had non-sufficient funds.

We are all looking for that line… just how far we can push it… and on 21 Dec 2008 for the given distance. I found it… and it pushed back.

Bring on the full marathon on 15 Feb 2009. I’ll be ready.

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March 13, 2007   Leave a comment

I wrote the below in March of 2007…. it has taken me almost 2 years to see my vision come to fruition.

Now to make it a reality…. on Sunday at the Jacksonville 1/2 Marathon

Gate River Run 2007 – Race Report

I saw the ghost of my fitness today
Through eyes blinded
by poor choices
by a body broken down
and a wounded spirit
healed and scarred with apathy

I saw quite clearly
Though far away now
As though the sands of time
Had etched the outlines
deep into the metal
of my very being

I was running
Feeling a pain all too familiar
But different somehow
Not the bittersweet pain
Of pushing beyond
What I used to think not possible

No, this was pain just to complete
Just get to the end
What I found at the finish
Was not the joy
Of a finish line
just a line, a finish

But what I saw
When I looked back further
Was the joy, The spirit
A body glistening with sweat
Tired and hurting
Yet far from spent

I looked back once more
and longed to be him
that person that I saw
at last the revelation
I was not looking back at all
Instead, envisioning a future

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Weekend update   Leave a comment

not much to say… ran 11.5 on Saturday. I had planned to run on Sunday but… good to get the miles in. My pace was solid. Right on a 9 mpm pace. I was cold the entire time.

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Once a Soldier   Leave a comment

Yesterday when I read a report from my friend Hurricane Bob Mina. He treadmill “raced” a guy he refers to as the “perfect soldier”. Well… he didn’t actually race the guy. He simply ran the same pace as “the perfect soldier” and in so doing ended up running 4 miles in under 30 minutes. After reading Bob’s report I thought to myself… that I sure would like to do that… I bet that I could go under 30 minutes for 4 miles… In fact I’d just missed that very goal last week… I’d tried, and failed, to run 4 7:30s. I came close but the last mile… I could not hold the pace.

Today I didn’t feel great. Got back late last night from a business trip with too much gluttony… breakfast buffet… goodies during seminar breaks… long lunches… happy hours… long dinners… combined with crappy weather.

So I decided to run 6 with 4×8:00/mile in the middle.

It was sprinkling when I went to change and pouring by the time I left. I was soaked before I left the parking lot.

Warm-up mile seemed easy… a 9:07

As I started the first tempo mile I decided to run on feel and try to stay loose. I felt great…. the rain was pouring… 7:21.

During mile 2 the rain eased up. I was still wet and cold but my legs kept turning over… I began to believe that perhaps, I too… could be a soldier… 7:27

My breathing started to get labored at the beginning of mile three and I had to force the legs to keep the turnover high. 7:29

I knew that I could gut it out on the last mile but it seemed to be forever. I ran a slightly different route today so where the finish line was I did not know. I had to alter my gait and take long slower strides… my breath was ragged but… I made it. 7:22

4 miles – 29:47

The rain poured again during my cool down…. not that I cared.

Thanks for the motivation Bob.

Being all that I can be…
CPT Michael D. Cowart (Ret)

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