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Yesterday when I read a report from my friend Hurricane Bob Mina. He treadmill “raced” a guy he refers to as the “perfect soldier”. Well… he didn’t actually race the guy. He simply ran the same pace as “the perfect soldier” and in so doing ended up running 4 miles in under 30 minutes. After reading Bob’s report I thought to myself… that I sure would like to do that… I bet that I could go under 30 minutes for 4 miles… In fact I’d just missed that very goal last week… I’d tried, and failed, to run 4 7:30s. I came close but the last mile… I could not hold the pace.

Today I didn’t feel great. Got back late last night from a business trip with too much gluttony… breakfast buffet… goodies during seminar breaks… long lunches… happy hours… long dinners… combined with crappy weather.

So I decided to run 6 with 4×8:00/mile in the middle.

It was sprinkling when I went to change and pouring by the time I left. I was soaked before I left the parking lot.

Warm-up mile seemed easy… a 9:07

As I started the first tempo mile I decided to run on feel and try to stay loose. I felt great…. the rain was pouring… 7:21.

During mile 2 the rain eased up. I was still wet and cold but my legs kept turning over… I began to believe that perhaps, I too… could be a soldier… 7:27

My breathing started to get labored at the beginning of mile three and I had to force the legs to keep the turnover high. 7:29

I knew that I could gut it out on the last mile but it seemed to be forever. I ran a slightly different route today so where the finish line was I did not know. I had to alter my gait and take long slower strides… my breath was ragged but… I made it. 7:22

4 miles – 29:47

The rain poured again during my cool down…. not that I cared.

Thanks for the motivation Bob.

Being all that I can be…
CPT Michael D. Cowart (Ret)


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