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I wrote the below in March of 2007…. it has taken me almost 2 years to see my vision come to fruition.

Now to make it a reality…. on Sunday at the Jacksonville 1/2 Marathon

Gate River Run 2007 – Race Report

I saw the ghost of my fitness today
Through eyes blinded
by poor choices
by a body broken down
and a wounded spirit
healed and scarred with apathy

I saw quite clearly
Though far away now
As though the sands of time
Had etched the outlines
deep into the metal
of my very being

I was running
Feeling a pain all too familiar
But different somehow
Not the bittersweet pain
Of pushing beyond
What I used to think not possible

No, this was pain just to complete
Just get to the end
What I found at the finish
Was not the joy
Of a finish line
just a line, a finish

But what I saw
When I looked back further
Was the joy, The spirit
A body glistening with sweat
Tired and hurting
Yet far from spent

I looked back once more
and longed to be him
that person that I saw
at last the revelation
I was not looking back at all
Instead, envisioning a future


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