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not much to report on…. just a quock circuit on Monday… the aforementioned 2 miler on Tuesday… a big fat (much needed I think) goosegg on Wednesday.

I did complete my assigned tempo run on thursday… Turned down a lunch invite from my boss and co-worker.

Sliped out and blasted through 8.41 miles. Did a mile warm-up (9:51) then

7:44, 7:48, 7:59…

the third mile into the wind was a killer… cold… and it felt as if the hand of God was holding me back…. added to the fact that it was along the railroad tracks.

7:58, 7:48 (tailwind), 7:13

obviously the 7:13 was a miscalcualtion by Mr Garmin

8:00 for thelast mile… and I was killing myself on the last mile…. I think the last 2 were both flaky but… overall they were about the right distance.

felt pretty good for the entire run and stayed pretty relaxed.

Did the double bridges loop downtown today… we averaged around 10:30 mpm despite all the elevation changes. solid run.


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