Thursday Temp run – On the Road of Silence   Leave a comment

The following is the result of my MP3 player dying on me at mile 5 of a 10 mile tempo run. I was basically trying to hold a sub 8 pace for 8 miles in the cold rain.

On the Road of Silence

Strong and quick
Yet reserved
Like Sandburg’s Fog
I creep up
On the first couple of miles
On cat’s feet.

Then I’m in a groove
Rhythmic, music playing
Feet keeping time
Like Carlos Santana…
Miles three and four
Suddenly and without warning
Like February 3, 1959
The music dies
And my ambition
On the sidelines in a cast
Ponders it’s mortality

Recalling a Frost poem
I chose the less traveled path
Instead of giving up
Miles five, six, and seven
My footsteps
Trod the leaves to black

The last two miles
Just running now
Don’t look at the pace
Pride and pain collide
Is it a mortal struggle?
Or a lover’s embrace

Cool down mile
Verse erupts from my head
Like n’er it pours from my pen
And these few lines
The only ones captured
Until I’m on the road
Of silence again


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