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Well.. I’m pretty much back in the land of the living. It was a very long morning.

I had the stitches taken out from the oral surgery I had last week yesterday afternoon….

I woke up at 0345 with a mouth full of blood… I could not get it to stop.

Only dozed off a couple of times thereafter….

Got up at 0620 to rinse my mouth and fix the girls some breakfast.

Dropped them off at school… then I went straight to the dentist’s office…

When they saw all of the blood they were about as freaked out as medical professionals can be… they tried, unsuccessfully, to get the bleeding to stop.

Then my dentist called his oral surgeon buddy and sent me over to him… He said not to worry about any bills over there he’s take care of everything.

Not 5 minutes after i got there… the office manager from my dentists office came over to check on me and to work out the billing with the surgeon’s office.

The surgeon removed my temporary bridge… cleaned the extraction site… and sewed me back up again… 5 more stitches

When I got home I curled up in the fetal position for a while but I’ll live.

Plan to work from home for the rest of the day… as well as I can on my pain medication.


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