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For the past 6 months I ahve had a complete focus on running… Marathon training and the persuit of a few PRs.

Most of my goals were attained with PRs in the following:

10k – 45:59
10 mile 1:23:24
1/2 Marathon 1:47:06
15k – 1:17:16

Still some unfinished business with the Marathon but….

It’s springtime in Florida (i.e. early summer) and running season bleeds to triathlon season.

Towards that end… April has been deemed Bike Month… working on building the milage towards the early summer sprint triathlons and the late summer longer races.

Sat 4 April:

did the 2 western loops of this course:

Tuesday 7 April did an out and back on the hillier side of this course – basically rode to the letter “C” and back:

Sat 11 April back to Durbin crossing (4 mi brick after):


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