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Brick Friday Night – 25/3

We did a few intervals on the bike. Mostly with a tailwind. Hit 30 mph a couple of times.

Felt really good on the run. Mile 1 was a 9:15 or so and managed a 6:59 for mile 2. Sometimes coming off the bike… when I’m warmed up vs tired.. I can really fly (well in a relative sense). Cooled down on mile 3.

Saturday we got up early and left the house at 0715. The goal was to make our way to Durbin Crossing in Fruit Cove and back. This required navigation of the Philips/University intersection and a left turn at the base of the bridge onto Powers Ave… pretty busy even early on a Saturday but we made it through unscathed.

We had a nice ride through Mandarin… pretty much zero wind. Crossing the river from Mandarin to Fruit cove wasn’t too bad but crossing the busy 4 lane highway to make a left onto Bishop Estates sucked. Add to that the fact that I was on my Tri bike which I hadn’t ridden in almost a year… I’m not quite so comfortable on it in traffic.

The scariest part was yet to come… We were tooling down Bishop Estates… which is right along the river… canopy road… decent road surface… we round a corner and see a big group headed our way… looks to be the A group from Open Road (a local bike shop). Big group fills the lane… before I get a chance to check out their bikes or anything… I see a Green SUV headed my way… She was trying to pass and headed right for us… well we ended up stopping and pulling off the road… To her credit the driver slowed to a stop as well… albeit in the wrong lane.

Once that little fiasco had been avoided the worst was over… This route is really nice except for 3 intersections… about 1 mile total of scary traffic… in a 50 mile ride… but that 1 mile might lead me to drive 20 miles to somewhere safer to ride.

Sunday was a wash… literally… washed cars and went to the beach… no training. I also checked off my most dreaded task of the year… taking my 15 yo daughter bikini shopping…

I did manage to sneak in my long run at lunch today… 10.5 miles in 1:36


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