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Saturday will begin my 12th triathlon season…

It’s hard to admit how poorly I perform in transitions after all these years and all the races I’ve done.

I want to do better, and to this end I have set aside 15 minutes or so tonight to do a little practice. J

Now for my delimma:

Running Shoes – I have for many years run with OTC orthotics (Downunders)

They work great and have for many years with the exception being when I don’t wear socks. They are slippery on the bottom and if I wear them w/o socks my feet tend to slide slam into the toe of the shoe.

I have some options:

1. Just HTFU and wear my regular shoes.
2. Wear a pair of old Nike Velcro strap running shoes that I wore last year… they aren’t too bad… just fugly…. Look like the shoes James Bond wore in Moonraker.
3. Put the original footbeds in my running shoes.

I’m not sure how many of these I can fit into my 15 minutes tonight… Any advice?


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