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I have basically run the same loop… 5 miles 3 days in a row… and each time in pretty close to 45 minutes…


Easy day… I’d had Monday off from running… and the weather was mild… only mid 80s… so I decided to run a little faster than the 9:25s on my training schedule. I thought 5 9s would be good. I hit the first mile in 9:40… then ran solid 8:50s to finish in 45:xx.


Supposed to be easy again… it was hotter but I felt really good… another 9:40 mile started things off… on the second mile I decided that I was going to run mile 3 fast… but relaxed watching my form… Mile 3 was a 7:20… with the rest of the run at a ~9:15 pace I came in at just under 45.


Tempo day. Warm-up mile, 3 mi @ 8:04, cool down mile.

Warm-up… felt better than expected. Mile 2 – 8:02… hmmm… that’s pretty close… as I’ve been timing my runs all week with the trusty Timex because my Garmin lost it’s mind….

Mile 3 – 7:59 – I would have put on a smile had I not been on the rivet…

Mile 4 – I could feel my pace slipping… the legs felt good but my heartrate was pegged… the heat getting t me too…. 8:40… the cooldown mile was not fun… I think I stumbled to an 11 something… final time north of 46.

All in all… I’m happy with the lunchtime running for the week…


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!Yes – like you I use my Garmin on my bike. I'm not training for a tri or anything, so the only thing I'm worried about is distance. I recognize that as long as I'm on the bike, my calorie calculations are all way off (not that they ar that accurate anyway). I believe that to get accurate info from your bike, you do need a footpod (cadence) or the speed sensor.I just don't want folks who buy the Garmin to think that they have everything they need, only to find out otherwise if they're real serious about bike training.

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