Beaches Fine arts Triathlon #3   2 comments

Too lazy to write a report…. here’s a few captioned pix:

Out of the water with old friend and fellow Chattahoochee boy Jay Herring.

Jay dropped me immediately it appears…

Obviously taking my time… the photo guy got 3 shots of me…
No pix of me on the bike… maybe I’m that fast… maybe I ducked into the bushes and skipped the whole thing.

I did show up for the run…
Okay… check out the guy on the right… he wears these Brazillian Cut speedos… at every one of these races… and he often passes me on the run… not a pretty sight…


But not quite ready to go home. Did a nice 40 mile ride with my old friend Chris after the race.


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2 responses to “Beaches Fine arts Triathlon #3

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  1. Great job. WTF is up with speedos guy. Please tell me he's Eurpoean.

  2. *EuropeanApparently his speedos through off my ability to type.

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