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Lemond… I can’t quit you   Leave a comment

I have a problem. And the problem is not new.

The problem started back during the summer… and at first it wasn’t much of a problem at all. After years of cycling alone or with one or two other people, I found not one, but three groups that I enjoyed riding with. So I started to ride on both Saturday and Sunday.

That was not optimal when I was training for triathlons but not too far off the mark.

But now… it’s running season. I have Marathons, Ultramarathons and even this crazy RATS thing on the horizon.

My motivation is there… training is going well… especially during the week.

Problem is I still want to ride on Saturday *and* Sunday…

So far I’ve been doing okay… last week I ran 18 on Friday night… I ran my 18.5 yesterday afternoon having ridden for 2.5 hours in the morning…

Love’ll make you do crazy things I guess… but I think I may have to scale back the riding a bit for a few months.


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Pumpkin Run 10 Mile   Leave a comment

This race was actually a couple of weeks ago… but It’s one of my favorite road races and I wanted to record my thoughts…

It had been a hot week… in the 90s almost every day… and Saturday was no different.

I went for the Saturday group ride… and sweated to the point that my socks were squishy in my bike shoes… at 0900 in the morning.

I was therefore surprised when I walked outside on Sunday to a slight chill in the air ~60 F temps.

Warm-up and port-o line and I’m ready to go. I did not get a chance to line up as close to the front as I would like… I was basically hanging out talking with friends until the gun went off… Being near the front is extra important in this race because it takes place in a cemetery… and the roads are single lane… between the graves…

In the first mile I did run alongside the road for the most part trying to find some elbow room… hopefully I did not disturb anyone “resting in peace”… No iPod or Garmin just a Timex… saw 8:0X on the clock at the first marker…. Settled in to whatever pace I was on and kept going…

Mile 2 has an out and back so I got a chance to see some of the costumes… the Banana guy, the gladiator, and some idiot running in tightie whities and a motorcycle helmet took my silent top 3…

At the mile 3 mark the 5k and 10 mile courses split… and my companion, big-dude-in-princess-Leah-wig

and I parted ways.

For the next few miles I tried to just relax and stay with the folks around me… I found it interesting that one lady would pull away from me on the straight-aways and I’d close on the turns… thanks again Coach Mike for the “run the tangents” lesson.

At around the 7 mile mark she caught me… Her name is Elfrieda… she has fiery red hair… quick turnover, and is the fastest 65-69 year old female in these parts… and she has beaten me plenty… I tried to stay with her… and found that I could… With 2 miles to go I decided to pass her… I did and decided to just keep going at that pace.

Finished up with a couple of 7:30s.. Final time of 1:17:20… good enough for a 6 minute PR for a 10 miler.

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