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I have a problem. And the problem is not new.

The problem started back during the summer… and at first it wasn’t much of a problem at all. After years of cycling alone or with one or two other people, I found not one, but three groups that I enjoyed riding with. So I started to ride on both Saturday and Sunday.

That was not optimal when I was training for triathlons but not too far off the mark.

But now… it’s running season. I have Marathons, Ultramarathons and even this crazy RATS thing on the horizon. http://geminiadventures.com/DesertRATS.html

My motivation is there… training is going well… especially during the week.

Problem is I still want to ride on Saturday *and* Sunday…

So far I’ve been doing okay… last week I ran 18 on Friday night… I ran my 18.5 yesterday afternoon having ridden for 2.5 hours in the morning…

Love’ll make you do crazy things I guess… but I think I may have to scale back the riding a bit for a few months.


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